How does a perfect Haixing injection molded product come about?


How does a perfect injection molded product come about? As a factory that has been working in the injection molding industry for more than 30 years, Haixing knows every step of the way.

Now Haixing Plastics will show you step by step how we make an idea into a real product that reaches the consumer.

1. Preliminary ideas

The idea may come from our designers, the idea may also come from our customers, customers often ask our designers to help them design products according to their ideas, customers sometimes have some ideas are idealistic and difficult to realize, we will give our customers suggestions for improvement based on our 30 years of production experience, and discuss with customers to come up with a perfect solution.

2. Market research

Once we have an idea, we have to do market research and do a feasibility study. Study results show feasible, we'll progress to the next step.

3. Sketch the design

Once the feasibility study passes, we turn the idea into a visible sketch and then discuss improvements with the client or within the designers.

4. Make 3-D product drawing

After the discussion, 3D drawings of the product will be created using computer software, and the drawings will be further adjusted and improved until the functionality and shape of the product meet the customer's needs.

5. Make a prototype for testing

Making a prototype is a very important step, with the prototype, we can feel exactly what the final product will look like and what the function will be. If the prototype sample does not match the customer's expectations, we can continue to the previous action, modify the drawings, until the customer is satisfied.

6. Design the mold structure, Make 3-D mold drawing

After the prototype passes the customer's test, we will start to design the mold structure, draw the mold 3D drawing, and do mold flow analysis process on the computer, with the mold flow analysis we will know if there is a problem with the mold structure, if there is a problem we will change the mold structure again, until the test is OK.

7. Tooling

After the 3D drawing of the mold is confirmed, we started to make the injection mold. The manufacture of molds is a very professional work, and if one is not familiar with the principles and technology of injection molding, the molds produced by him may encounter various problems in the production process. So it's crucial to find a manufacturer who is familiar with the principles and technology of injection molding to help you make molds, and don't be greedy for cheap, you need to know that every penny counts.

8. Trial run

Once the mold is ready, it's time to test the performance of the mold. See what problems there are with the product, then improve the mold according to the problems, modify it and continue to try the mold, while trying the mold at the same time make a good record of the mold performance, until we get the perfect sample.

9. Final sample

We will send the sample to customer for confirmation after the final sample has been checked by our quality department. At last, customer sign back the final sample.

10. pre-production meeting

Before mass production, our technical team in the production department will organize a pre-production meeting to discuss and inform the production department of the problems should be avoided during the production process, based on the problems encountered during the previous mold testing and the problems that customers may feedback after receiving samples.

After all the above ten points are done, the molds will be officially put into production, and customers will soon receive the perfect mass production goods.