Case Study -【Haixing Plastic Basket for Baby Bath】Johnson&Johnson Medical Company


Johnson&Johnson: Strict quality standards and procedures

We started to work with J&J from 2017. They developed a gift set of basket for baby bath and skincare. Their quality demanding is very high. Not until we received their order, we've never heard of any CPK demand in line of plastic household. We bought a precise image mapping system specially for this order.

CPK is shorten for Complex Process Capability index. We are required to control the size data very carefully and continuously.

Mold lifespan should be also monitored carefully and continuously before production, in production and during inspection.

Before production, we need to check if mold maintenance should be done according to mold status list. For example, the lifespan of the mold is 200K. When we receive the order, we need to check if the qty is near or will exceed the lifespan qty. If it'll be over lifespan, we must amend the mold immediately and this should be considered when we are checking delivery time with customers. After the mold amended, the first four hour samples should be tested. Production is only allowed after customer approve CPK data.

In production, samples should be also tested now and then to make sure the CPK is well controlled. Whenever the data found not within the standard, we must stop production and check the injection machine lead time or mold status.

After production, a high proportion of goods must be inspected and measured with CPK data.

This item has been sold 3 years with stable sales amount. After 3 years cooperation with J&J, now we are very confident of projects with high quality demanding. For any big plastic project, you can feel free to check with us via website: